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Running a
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since 2001

We are a leading MICE agency specializing in healthcare events for over two decades.

With deep industry knowledge, we are the trusted partner for exceptional healthcare-focused events. Our proven track record includes successful planning and execution of conventions, conferences, exhibitions, and meetings.

Our dedicated professionals combine event management expertise with a deep understanding of the healthcare sector. From venue selection to logistics management, we handle every detail with precision. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust and loyalty of the healthcare industry's A-listers, thanks to our extensive network and resources. With our vast experience behind us, we are your perfect partner in delivering impactful healthcare events.

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To deliver extraordinary healthcare events that drive innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.



To Be The Foremost Mice Agency Globally, Renowned For Our Expertise In Organizing Exceptional Healthcare Events That Drive Innovation, Collaboration, And Positive Change In The Industry.


Our Process

Idea to Execution and Beyond - The Medivision Way

Define Objectives

Clearly outline the event's objectives, scope, target audience, and expected outcomes, while considering any specific requirements or constraints.

Event Planning

Develop a comprehensive event plan encompassing key details, logistics, date, venue, budget, timeline, project team, accommodation, transportation, catering, audiovisual needs.

Concept Development

Craft a captivating event concept aligned with objectives and the audience, including format, agenda, speakers, entertainment, and engaging experiences.

Budgeting and Financial Management

Establish a comprehensive budget, tracking expenses and revenue sources to ensure adherence throughout event planning and execution.

Vendor Selection

Select and manage vendors for event components, including audiovisual equipment, catering, décor, signage, and transportation, through quotes, contract negotiation, and effective communication.

Marketing and Promotion

Devise a comprehensive marketing strategy using social media, email, website promotion, and advertising to attract attendees, while streamlining registration through compelling content and efficient.

Event Execution Management

Efficiently manage all event logistics, including venue setup, registration, speakers, audiovisual needs, catering, and on-site issues, while maintaining clear communication with the team, vendors, and stakeholders.

Attendee Engagement

Foster attendee engagement through networking sessions, interactive activities, workshops, and Q&A sessions, while managing event flow, session timing, and gathering attendee feedback.

Post-Event Evaluation

Assess event success, gather feedback, share highlights, distribute materials, and thank attendees, sponsors, and partners, capturing insights for future planning and marketing.


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